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I want to show people how to enjoy adventure travel & trekking

with simple strategies to make adventure easy

Explore the world under your own steam

no matter how old or how fit

A sense of adventure is not something that wanes with age, injury or loss of physical strength. The body may not be able to keep up with all the mind is willing to do. If you love to travel, hike or cycle and your body can’t go the whole extreme butt breaking slog like it used to, adventure is still to be had. Mountains can be climbed and multi day hikes and cycling trails can still be conquered. New destinations are a rich canvas for exploration on foot, bike or kayak for everyone.
Do you want to explore the world under your own steam but the pressure in your pistons has subsided or maybe you just can’t see the point of busting your butt to experience the summit of that peak. Perhaps the journey is more pleasurable if no oxygen tank is required after completing your epic jaunt. Then subscribe, follow, pin, comment, email or just read on …..Welcome from Ann, a Lazy Way Hiker.

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